How to clear the Print Spooler in Windows 7 using the Printers Folder

Description: If there are print jobs stuck in the print queue, they can prevent additional jobs from going through. In addition, they can make it difficult for anyone else trying to use the printer to get anything printed. These steps cover how to clear the queue manually.

  1. Click Start, type CMD then right click the program CMD and choose Run as administrator.
    Windows 7 Start, Search Box, CMD Run as Administrator
  2. At the command line type, net stop spooler, then press enter on the keyboard.
    Windows 7 Command Line Window
  3. Click Start, then Computer.
    Windows 7 Start, Computer
  4. Choose the hard drive with windows installed on it. This is normally C:.
  5. Double click Windows, then System 32.
    Windows Explorer, Windows, System 32
  6. Open the spool folder then PRINTERS.
    Windows Explorer, System 32, Spool, Printers
  7. If prompted click Continue on the security warning.
    Windows Alert, Continue
  8. Do not delete the PRINTERS folder but delete anything inside it. Then close the folder with the red x in the top right.
    Windows Explorer, Printers folder
  9. Go back to the command prompt and type net start spooler, then press enter.
    Windows 7 Command Line Window
  10. The queue is now clear.