How to change the Location Windows Media Player Rips Audio Tracks

Description: By default, when Windows Media Player rips audio tracks from a CD, it will put the files in the user's Music Library. Sometimes, a user may wish for audio tracks to be ripped to a different location. This article will detail the steps required to accomplish this.

  1. Click the Start Button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    Windows Start Button
  2. Click All Programs.
    Start Menu, All Programs
  3. Click Windows Media Player.
    Windows Media Player
  4. Click Organize in the upper left corner of Windows Media Player.
  5. Click Options.
  6. Click the Rip Music tab.
    Rip Music
  7. Under Rip music to this location, click Change.
  8. Select the folder desired and click it.
    Choose Folder
  9. Once the selection is made, click OK.
    OK to select
  10. Notice the new folder's location is shown under Rip music to this location.
    Confirm Location
  11. Click OK on the Options window.
    OK to Save