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How to do a Security Audit with ESET Mobile Security

Description: This is a technical article intended to help with How to do a security audit with ESET Mobile Security. This information can be useful to find any holes in a phone's security and look at different parts of the phone to find deficiencies.

  1. Close out of all open apps and navigate to your ESET Mobile Security program.
  2. On the main menu, select Security Audit.
    ESET Mobile Security, Security Audit
  3. Underneath Security Audit options, select Audit.
    ESET Security Audit, Audit
  4. ESET will then conduct the Audit on your mobile device.
    ESET Security Audit Results Running
  5. Once the Audit is complete ESET will show a summary of the scan and Highlight problem areas.
    ESET Security Audit Results Complete
  6. Each section will have detailed data that can assist in making the mobile device more secure.