EXTRAS: DVR Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can I not log into the DVR on the local network?

A: Verify you are using the correct IP address of the DVR. This is accomplished by going to the Network Settings icon within the DVR menu. To access the DVR you must also be using Internet Explorer and ActiveX Control must be enabled within Internet Explorer.

Q: Why is the playback video only displayed in black and white?

A: The DVR and television or monitor color format may be different. Verify they are both set to the same format (PAL/NTSC)

Q: Why would the DVR system stay on the self-test screen after powering on?

A: This is most commonly caused by a connection failure with the hard drive. Verify the hard drive is connected and properly installed.

Q: What could cause the DVR to crash during normal use?

A: The most common cause is the hard drive. Check the hard drive connections and the hard drive itself for any defects. Replace the hard drive or connections if a problem is found.

Q: Why would the motion sensor not trigger the alarm?

A: There are three common causes to this:

  • The alarm or motion sensor is turned off
  • The motion detection zones are not properly set
  • The motion sensor sensitivity is too low

Q: Why is the system time not displayed correctly?

A: The motherboard on the DVR controls the time. Check the battery to verify it is good. If the battery is good the motherboard may require replacement. This can be determined by getting the unit to your local store for service.

Q: What would cause one or more of the cameras connected to the DVR not to display an image?

A: There are four settings to check:

  • Verify the wired connections on the side of the camera and the DVR. Make sure they are firmly connected.
  • If possible, verify there is a signal coming from a given camera by connecting it to another port on the DVR that is already working.
  • The video signal mode must match that of the monitor (PAL/NTSC)
  • Verify the input is set correctly and is on the correct channel

Q: Why can I not control a PTZ Camera?

A: There are three settings to check with PTZ Cameras:

  • Check the polarity on the 485 signal wire to be sure it is not reversed
  • Check the PTZ control protocol, baud rate, and DVR system settings are correct
  • more than 9600 baud rate may cause an error code to appear
  • Check the PTZ camera and the DVR address codes to verify they match

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.