HOW TO: Access a WinBook DVR remotely

Description: Once the basic setup for a WinBook DVR set is complete, the DVR has the ability to be viewed from anywhere via the internet or a mobile phone. It is important to note that this will only work using Internet Explorer on a computer and a third party app is required to view a live stream on a mobile phone.

Setting up for remote access

  1. Using the mouse from the DVR, right click anywhere on the screen and select Main Menu
  2. This will prompt for a username and password. The default username is admin (without the quotes) and the default password is to be left blank.
  3. Right click on one of the active camera feeds again and select Main Menu
  4. Click the Advanced Button
  5. Select the Network option
  6. Change the connection Type to DHCP and click OK
  7. Click the Mobile Monitor icon
  8. Make sure the Enable box is checked and click OK
  9. Reboot the DVR and repeat steps 1-5 to access the Network Settings on the DVR. This will now list a new IP address, take note of this IP address.
  10. Open ports 34567, 34599, and 80 on the router and have the Destination IP address be that of the DVR itself.
    • For an example on how to open ports on a router, view the article here.
  11. Set the router to allow remote connections over the internet and locate the Internet IP Address within the router settings. Take note of the Internet IP.

Accessing the DVR Remotely

  1. Go to a computer on a separate network and open Internet Explorer by clicking Start, All Programs, then selecting Internet Explorer.
  2. In the Address bar at the top, type the Internet IP address on Web port 80 in the address bar and press Enter. Example:
  3. Internet Explorer may come up slowly at first, but it will ask to download a plug-in. Agree to download and install this application. After this installation is complete there will show a complete login screen.
  4. Log into the DVR Using the default information, username: admin (without the quotes), password is to be left blank. The live stream of the surveillance system can then be viewed.
    • To view a live feed on a mobile device a third party application is required. Typically any application that supports viewing an IP Camera will work. All that is required is the Internet IP address, the username and password for the DVR, and the media ports within most applications.

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