How to uninstall Norton Antivirus Software

Description: If you would like to use another antivirus program and already have Norton installed you will want to remove it before starting the installation of the other program.

  1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
    Windows Start Menu, Control Panel
  2. When the control panel opens, click Uninstall a program.
    Control Panel, Uninstall a Program
  3. Wait for the list of programs to load and then find Norton Internet Security, or whichever Norton antivirus product you have installed.
    Norton Internet Security in Programs src=
  4. Near the top of the window click Uninstall.
    Norton Internet Security, Uninstall
  5. Select to have all user data removed.
    Norton Uninstall Choices
  6. Decline any additional tools and trials then click Next to uninstall.
    Norton Uninstall, Next to Proceed
  7. The uninstall will take a few moments to remove files.
  8. Once it finishes removing the files you will need to restart the computer. Click the Restart Now button.
    Norton Uninstall, Restart
  9. When the reboot is done Norton will be successfully uninstalled. You may be taken to a website for Norton products.