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How to add Music from a Windows Computer to an Android Device

Description: Transferring music to an Android device is a simple process. This document will explain how to do it.

  1. Plug the device into a computer. Once connected, a prompt will appear to mount as a hard disk. Enable this option to allow transfers to and from the device.
    Android Screen, Choose Connection Type
  2. On the computer, locate the songs to be transferred. Right click and select Cut or Copy.
    Windows Explorer, Copy and Paste Files
  3. Look in the left column of Windows Explorer for the mounted disk. Click on this to open the contents.
    Windows Explorer, Copy and Paste Files
  4. Look for a folder labeled Music and open it. If the folder is not present, right-click and choose New Folder and name it Music.
  5. Right-click in a blank area within this folder, and select Paste to paste the songs selected earlier.
    Windows Explorer, Copy and Paste Files
  6. Eject the device, and navigate to the music app on the device. The newly transferred music will now be playable from this device.
    Music File on Android Device