How to locate your Missing iDevice

Description: This guide will help you locate your missing iCloud supported iPad/iPod/or iPhone.

  1. Open your web browser and go to
    Browser Address Bar
  2. Once at the website, carefully read to see if your iDevice is supported and then click the Sign In button.
    iCloud Sign In Screen
  3. At the login page, provide your Apple ID and password. Once they are entered either press Enter or click on the Arrow Button to sign in. (If you do not have either one of these, visit to register for one.)
    iCloud Sign In Screen
  4. Once logged into your account, click on the Find My iPhone icon.
    iDevice Find My iPhone
  5. After clicking on this icon, you will be prompted to again provide your password for the Apple ID account. Once this is entered, click on the Sign In button.
    Find My iPhone Sign In
  6. Now iCloud will attempt to show by location the missing iDevice. If Google Maps is enabled on the device, iCloud will show the GPS location of it. Please note your iDevice must be powered on and either connected to a WiFi network or a 3G network for this process to work.
    • The highlighted - and + buttons at the top right will zoom in and out.
    • The highlighted half circle at the top left hand side of the screen will refresh the page.
    • Find My iPhone Map
  7. If, however, iCloud doesn't detect the iDevice by GPS, you will be able to use the options below.
    Find My iPhone No GPS Not Detected
  8. Once your selected iDevice is detected, the additional options are available:
    • Play Sound or Send Message. This option will Play a Sound on your device and send it a message of your choosing once Send is selected.
      Find My iPhone, Send Message
    • Remote Lock. This option will prompt you for a 4 digit passcode to remotely lock the device. Click on the numbers to fill the passcode boxes. It will then again ask you to verify the password. Once this is verified, click on the Lock button to remotely lock the device.
      Find My iPhone, Remote Lock
      Find My iPhone, Remote Lock
    • Remote Wipe. This option will remotely erase all the data on your device. This option is not recommended unless there is sensitive information on your device you do not wish for other people to see. Please read the warning message and then click Wipe to proceed.
      Find My iPhone Remote Wipe
  9. Once you are finished, click the iCloud button (at the top left of your screen) to go back to the home screen and then click on Sign Out to logout.
    iCloud Icon
    iCloud Sign Out