How to use the Snap Feature in Windows 7

Description: To increase productivity when using one monitor, use the built-in snap feature in Windows 7 to fill the screen with two Windows.

  1. Select a window and drag it to the left or right side of the screen.
  2. Once the snap feature can be activated, an outline will appear. Release the mouse when this appears to snap the window to fit half of the screen.
    Windows 7 Desktop, Browser Window Part Screen
  3. Repeat the process with another window on the opposite side of the screen.
    Windows 7 Desktop, Two Windows Part Screen
  4. Once completed, each window will fill half the screen to allow for simultaneous viewing.
    Windows 7 Desktop, Two Windows using Snap
  5. An alternate way of accessing this feature is to hold the Windows Key on the keyboard, and hit the left or right arrow keys. This will result in the same outcome as the methods listed above.