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How to network a Windows 7 PC to a Mac running OS X Part 3: Accessing Shared Files

Description: This guide will show two different ways of accessing the files on your network: Accessing the files on your Mac from your Windows 7 PC and accessing the files on your Windows PC from your Mac.

Accessing Mac files from the PC

  1. Click Start and select Computer.
  2. In the Address bar at the top, type two back slashes and the IP address of the Mac noted earlier and press Enter.
  3. A box asking for user credentials will pop up. Type the user name of the Mac and enter the appropriate password then click OK.
  4. Browse to any files you wish to view or transfer to the PC from the Mac.

Accessing PC files from the Mac

  1. Click the Finder icon in the dock.
  2. On the left side of the Finder window, click the name of your PC.
  3. The connection will fail. This is due to invalid credentials. Once the connection fails click the Connect As... button.
  4. Enter the User Name and Password for the user account on the PC and click Connect.
  5. Browse the shared folders and transfer files as desired.

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