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How to disable WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) on a Tenda router

Description: How to disable WPS and setup WPA2 security.

WPS is a system designed to make wireless connections easier by entering a pin code on the router to connect instead of using a wireless password. Unfortunately sometimes it can cause issues in connecting to the network if the devices do not fully support it. The best option in that case is to disable WPS and set up your own Wireless Security.

  1. Using a computer that is plugged directly in to the Tenda router, open up an Internet window and locate the address bar and erase everything from the field.

  2. In the same location, type in "" (without the quotes) and press enter.
  3. When prompted for a username and password enter "admin" for both (without quotes) and click OK.

  4. Ignore the Device Setup screen and click on WLAN Settings on the left.

  5. Under WLAN Settings on the left, click WPS Settings.
  6. In the WPS Config box, click the Disable box and then click Save.

  7. On the left under WLAN Settings, click Security Settings.

  8. In the Security Settings box, change the Security Mode to WPA2 and enter a security key of your choice. Click Apply.

  9. Once the settings have been changed, you can now connect to the network with the newly created security settings. Note that in some cases you may need to remove the wireless profile created by the wireless network management software on your computer (if applicable) to connect.