What is DNS

Description: What is DNS (Domain Name Service) and how does it affect web browsing?

  1. A Domain Name Server keeps a list of the names for websites and matches that name to a number so the computers can route the message to the right location.
  2. Domain Name Service or DNS, is often seen when working with networks, routers and the internet. Computers like numbers and most people like words, a domain name service keeps them both happy.
  3. A Domain Name is the normal name given to a website, like www.microcenter.com for example.
  4. The actual location of a website is a number. The number behind a site is revealed by using the PING command and the name of the site. For example, www.mctsol.com is
    • Typing the number into the address section of a browser will open the website directly.
    • The number is the address of the actual computer(s) that host the site.
      Command Prompt, PING website
  5. A DNS service can offer faster response times for web browsing. It can also filter some content and offer some reports on the use of the internet by the people connected through it. By doing a web search for DNS service providers several different companies can be found that will provide custom services.