How to manually clear the XP Mode Save State in Windows 7

Description: This article outlines the process of manually clearing the XP Mode save state in Windows 7. Clearing the XP Mode save state allows the virtual machine to be forcibly restarted by clearing its stored virtual memory. This process allows the virtual machine to be restarted completely in the event that it becomes unable to recover from a hibernated state.

  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Type %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines\ into the Search programs and files Field.
  3. Press the Enter Button on your keyboard.
    Windows 7 Start Menu, Search Box
  4. Right click on the Windows XP Mode.vsv file then click on the Delete option.
    Windows Right Click File Properties
  5. Click on the Yes Button to complete the process.