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IMPORTANT: How to install a Tenda W311U or W322U in Windows 7 without a disc

Windows 7 has several drivers already built into the operating system making many peripheral devices “plug and play.” The Tenda W311U and W322U are both devices that fall into this category. This guide will walk through how to install these Tenda adapters without using a disc.

  1. Plug the Tenda device into any open USB port on the computer.
  2. There will be an icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen indicating the drivers are being installed. Click this balloon to view the status of the driver install.

  3. The driver should recognize the Tenda device as an 802.11 n WLAN device and install driver software.

  4. Click the Close button on the dialogue box when the driver install is complete.

  5. Your computer should now be able to view wireless networks. See our article on How to Connect to a wireless network in Windows 7 for additional steps on connecting to your wireless network.

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.