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EXTRAS: Mac Frequently Asked Questions

Mac FAQs

Q: How to connect to a wireless network.

A: Along the bar at the top of the screen, look for the Wi-Fi icon and click on it to show a list of available networks in range. Select the appropriate network from this list and enter the security key (if applicable) to connect.

Q: How to eject a disk.

A: Press and hold the Eject button on the top right corner of the keyboard to eject the disc. Alternatively, drag the discs icon from your desktop to the trashcan, and it will also eject.

Q: How to right click.

A: Since Apple Mice don’t have a right-click button, to right-click on an item, press and hold the Control key on the keyboard and click the mouse.

Q: How to fully close a program.

A: Unlike Windows, when a program on a Mac is exited, it still sits open along the dock. To determine which programs are open, look for a blue dot under their icon, then to close them, Control-Click, then click Quit to fully exit the program.

Q: Can Windows programs run on Mac?

A: No. Mac and Windows use a completely different file system to launch and run applications. Many Windows applications, such as Microsoft Office, do have a Mac version available with many, if not all of the same features as the Windows version.

Q: Do Macs come with a web browser?

 A: Yes. Apples web browser is called Safari and will be on the dock by default. There are also Mac versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer.

Q: How do I log off, restart, or shut down the computer?

A: Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen. This will display a list of options available, including Sleep, Restart, Shut-Down and Log Off.