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HOW TO: Uninstall a program on a Mac

Description: Uninstalling programs on a Mac is different than PC. This article will show you how to completely remove a program and its contents.

  1. From the desktop, navigate to the "Applications" folder on the dock and expand it.

  2. Select the application to be uninstalled. In this case, it´s iTunes. Drag the program from the Applications folder to the Trash Can on the dock.

  3. Now, to remove the files left behind by the program itself, click on Finder (the first icon on the dock), then click "Library".

  4. Within Library, click "Preferences" and find the Folder pertaining to the application you wish to uninstall.
  5. From here, just repeat Step 2. Drag the folder to the Trash Can on the dock.

  6. The program is now completely removed from the computer.

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.