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How to run the ESET Online Scanner

If a working antivirus program is not immediately available on your computer, the ESET Online Scanner tool can be used to detect and clean virus infections until you are able to make it to Micro Center to purchase a full packaged copy. To use the ESET Online Scanner, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the page: using Internet Explorer.
    Note: per ESET's instructions: Chrome and Firefox users will need to download and run a small utility file before starting the scan.
  2. Click on the Run ESET Online Scanner button to begin the process.
    ESET Online Scanner on Web
  3. Check the box by Yes, I accept the Terms of Use and Click the Start button.
  4. Allow the program to run if prompted by Windows User Account Control.
  5. The default setting is to remove found threats. The following Advanced settings are available:
    • Select the type of applications scanned.
    • Select the target drive(s) to be scanned.
    • Use Customer Proxy Settings.
    • Show a list of other installed Anti Virus software installed on system.
    ESET Online Scanner Settings
  6. Once the desired settings have been made, Click on the Start button.
  7. During the scan, threats that are found will be displayed.
    ESET Online Scanner Running
  8. Once the scan is complete, there is the option to Uninstall application on close by placing a check in the box. This will require the files to be downloaded again the next time ESET Online Scanner is run.
  9. Click Finish.