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HOW TO: Create and Save a Microsoft Word 2010 Document

This article is a guide on how to create and save a Microsoft Word 2010 document. Microsoft Word can be used to create many types of document which can be found by going to File and New, for this document though we will concentrate on creating a blank Word document that allows you to start from scratch.
  1. Click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

    Start button

  2. Select All Programs.

    All Programs menu

  3. Now select Microsoft Office and then Microsoft Word 2010.

    Microsoft Office menu

  4. Now that Word has opened you’re presented with a blank work area that will allow you to start creating a document. There are also many templates available and can be found by going to File and then New.

    File menu

  5. Now that the document is started it’s ready to be saved, click on File and then Save As. Once Save As has been selected it presents a dialog box that will allow you to name the document and change where it is saved. By default it will usually be saved in the Documents folder. Once the location and name have been set click on Save. This completes the process of creating and saving a Word document in Microsoft Word 2010.

    Save As menu

    Save As menu