HOW TO: Attach a Scanned Document to an Email

It’s easy to scan documents and photos and send them to your friends and family. All-in-one printers are relatively inexpensive, and simple to use even for novice computer users. This article will go over the basic steps to attach a scanned item to an email message.
  1. Choose a place to save your scanned files. Most scanning software provides a default location. If you choose this option, make note of where it is. Your "My Documents" folder is a great place to start. Creating a default folder such as "Scanned Documents" makes it easy to find. Once you have saved the document, the next step is to send the  file.

    Start menu

    My Documents
  2. Open your email program. In this example, Outlook Express is the featured email software. You might also use Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail or even Microsoft Outlook. The process is basically the same for any web-based email service or program. Click Create Mail. Outlook Express may have different names for generating a new email message like Compose Message, or Compose Mail depending on the program version.

    New message
  3. Now to attach that scanned file. It could be a document or a picture. In Outlook Express, click the Attach button and find the folder where you stored the file. Highlight the file and click Attach.

    Insert attachment

  4. Now that the file is attached, decide who you are going to send it too, and any subject or message you want to go along with it. If you have more files that you want to attach, repeat step 3.

    Send email