EXTRAS: Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should there be more than one cable connecting the monitor to the computer at one time?
There should be only one video cable connecting the monitor to the computer at one time. Video connections include VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. In some cases an audio cable or USB cable may also be attached to provide these functions to the monitor. Note that not all monitors include all of these connections.

Q: What video connection provides the best picture?
DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort all provide the same digital picture quality. VGA is an older analog standard and does not provide as high picture quality as a digital connection.

Q: If the monitor has an audio cable, does it have to be connected?
No, the audio cable is optional. If speakers are in use on the system or if sound is not desired this cable may be left unplugged.

Q: If the monitor has a USB cable, does it have to be connected?
No, the USB cable is optional. This provides a USB port on the monitor for easy access and is not mandatory.

Q: When the computer starts, all that appears is black screen. Is there an easy fix for this?
Yes, this is most often caused by having more than one video cable connected at once. If more than one of the following is connected, it can cause this issue: VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort. If more than one of these is connected, turn the computer off and disconnect one of the cables.

Q: Do monitors require drivers?
Monitors can use the Windows integrated drivers with no issue, however sometimes manufacturers release monitor-specific drivers tuned to their specific monitor for the best color quality and picture. These are optional and not required.

Q: Does using a DVI to VGA adapter reduce picture quality?
DVI ports also can transmit native VGA analog signal, so while the picture will not be digital picture quality it will not be reduced from VGA picture quality.

Q: Does using an HDMI to DVI adapter reduce picture quality?
HDMI and DVI use the same video connection technology so the picture quality will not be adversely affected.

Q: If there is more than one place to plug in the monitor on the back of the computer, which one should be used?
In general, in terms of a standing tower type of computer the ports located closest to the bottom will be the only ports that are operable.

Q: Should monitors be used at their maximum resolution?
Monitors will provide the best picture quality if the display is set to the maximum resolution. It does not damage the screen to use it with other resolutions; however the picture quality will be significantly degraded.

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