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Efficiency. Cost-effectiveness. Today's small businesses do more with less than ever before in an effort to minimize expenses. However, not replacing older computers can prove to be a financial and productivity liability. Servicing older PCs can cost as much as 60% of the cost of a new system. Replacing older systems offers your business not only improved performance, but also increased security.
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What is the cost of not replacing older PCs?

Courtesy of Intel
  • As a small business, you're constantly pressed to do more with greater efficiency. Every employee has to do the work of three people. Every capital investment has to last a long time.

    This "last a long time" strategy can backfire where your computers are concerned. While enterprises refresh their PCs about every three years, small business typically hold onto PCs for five to seven years.

    "They still work!" you say. However, old PCs drain time and money away from your business in hidden ways. Let's break down the true cost of maintaining older PCs.

    Old PCs Often Cost More to Repair than Replace

    A recent Techaisle* global survey of 736 small businesses in six countries found that the cost to repair an older PC equals or even exceeds the cost of buying a new one. The study reveals that small businesses are spending an average of US$427 per PC that is four year or older on repair costs, which is 1.3 times the repair cost for a PC that is less than 4 years old. Similarly, the cost of upgrading an older PC is 1.6 times the cost of upgrading a PC that is less than four years old. This does not include the cost of lost productivity when employees are without their computers.

    Old PCs Hinder Employee Productivity

    OIder PCs have trouble running multiple applications at once, consume more power, and have a shorter battery life. The latest processors, memory, disk drives, operating systems, and applications run far more efficiently than their five-year-old counterparts.

  • New PCs return minutes throughout the day to your time-strapped employees performing operations as simple as computer startup and shutdown, running multiple applications at once, and establishing remote connections to your network. These cumulative time savings add up throughout the day to dozens of hours per week for your business – time your staff could spend making more sales calls, helping more customers, and coming up with more product ideas.

    Mobile employees (and who isn’t mobile these days?) often reap the greatest benefit from the new tablets and devices that convert easily between a full-performance laptops and a versatile tablet. Salespeople and other field employees move constantly between office, car, customer sites, airports, hotels and coffee shops. Mobile devices give your employees near-instant startup, quick connection to the office network, rapid multitasking between applications, and additional security to protect your business data on the road.

    New PCs can make the difference between multitasking, always-on, always-productive employees and employees who are frustrated and idled throughout the day.

    So, before you pour more money into keeping old PCs limping along, consider all the cost of old PCs, The high cost of repairs, upgrades, and lost productivity may lead you to see that replacing your PCs is the best investment of all.

*Techaisle white paper, “Small Business PC Refresh Study,” Mar 2013, www.techaisle.com
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