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Protecting your competitive edge means keeping up with advances in technology, security and portability. Integrated solutions for networking, storage and sharing lend stability and cost effectiveness to day-to-day activities and long-range goals.
Micro Center has the solutions you need to secure and protect your business.

Protect Your Business, Employees and Customers

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  • Awareness - Do's and Don'ts


    • 1. Create and follow a security policy.
    • 2. When in doubt, check it out! Check the leading anti-virus Web sites for security alerts and as a general reference source.


    • 1. Assume security is someone else’s job.
    • 2. Think that you know everything there is to know about security. Technology changes quickly and new threats surface almost every day

    Telephone - Do's and Don'ts


    • 1. Make sure that you know who you are speaking with and suggest legitimate ways outside callers can obtain the information they seek.
    • 2. Offer to return calls from unknown or suspicious callers after first checking to ensure the caller is legitimate. By offering to return the call, you can buy yourself time to check out the caller’s authenticity.


    • 1. Give unknown or unauthorized callers any information.
    • 2. Be intimidated by a caller who is a “name dropper” or claims to be a VIP.

    Printed Material - Do's and Don'ts


    • 1. Pick up printouts and faxes promptly.
    • 2. Use a cover page when sending faxes.
    • 3. Label confidential information and handle it in a manner appropriate to its sensitivity.
    • 4. Lock up confidential information when you leave your work area.
    • 5. Dispose of confidential information in secure trash bins or by shredding.


    • 1. Leave confidential information on the printer or fax machine.
    • 2. Fax confidential information without speaking with the intended recipient first.
    • 3. Disclose secret or sensitive Information to anyone not authorized to see it.
    • 4. Leave confidential information out on your desk when you’re gone, or in public areas at any time.
    • 5. Throw confidential information into open trash bins, at work or at home.
  • Computer Use - Do's and Don'ts


    • 1. Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect confidential information.
    • 2. Use secure email for confidential information.
    • 3. Ensure that all computers you use to access the Internet or your company’s network have anti-virus software running.
    • 4. Install security-related software patches as soon as they are available.
    • 5. Whenever possible, encrypt sensitive or secret information that is stored on your hard drive.
    • 6. Use cable locks to secure portable devices.
    • 7. Keep your smartphone, portable computer and PDA with you at all times.
    • 8. Use a password-protected screen saver and logout of your company’s network at the end of the day.


    • 1. Display confidential information on your computer screen in public areas.
    • 2. Send confidential information in ordinary email.
    • 3. Open email attachments you weren’t expecting, even if they’re from someone you know.
    • 4. Set up your own wireless LAN or have a modem that can accept an incoming call while your computer is connected to the Internet or your company’s network.
    • 5. Put sensitive or secret information on a portable computer or PDA in plain text.
    • 6. Leave portable devices unsecured when you’re not there.
    • 7. Leave a computer or PDA unattended in a public place.
    • 8. Leave your computer logged into your company’s network and the display on when you’re gone.

    Passwords - Do's and Don'ts


    • 1. Use strong passwords on your computer accounts.
    • 2. Change your password regularly.
    • 3. Memorize your password.
    • 4. Keep your password secret.


    • 1. Use your name, your family’s names, your pet’s name, or a word in a dictionary as your password.
    • 2. Change your password in predictable ways.
    • 3. Write it down.
    • 4. Tell anyone your password, for any reason.

Network Security for Small Business

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  • Network security for small business is becoming increasingly complex, as new Internet threats appear daily or even hourly.

    Small business networks face constant threats from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, zero-day attacks, and more. Achieving effective network security for small business requires a solution that's designed to fit your needs today and can adapt to tomorrow's security threats.

    Aside from protecting you against such threats, the best network security for small business provides many business benefits.

    The Benefits of Network Security for Small Business

    Effective network security for small business:

    • Provides a secure e-business foundation
    • Enables your business to be in compliance with industry and government regulations
    • Gives employees easy, secure access to the tools and applications they need, whether they're in a home office, a hotel room, or at an airport departure gate
    • Lets you easily, securely grow your network
  • Network Security for Small Business Provides Collaboration, Productivity Gains

    Network security for small business can also:

    • Promote collaboration among employees as well as with vendors, partners, suppliers, and others by providing them controlled network access
    • Improve productivity by ensuring network uptime and by recovering quickly from security breaches
    • Enhance your customer's experience by allowing them to access confidential information on your network applicable to them

    Finally, it's important that any network security for small business:

    • Reduce the risk of litigation from loss of data or security breaches
    • Allow you to hire talented employees, anywhere, as remote teleworkers with full, secure network access
    • Provide worker flextime by giving employees options for where and when they work
    • Add new locations, branches, and offices quickly, without worrying about having to redesign your security system
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