Triple Braided 24-Pin Motherboard Extension Cable - Black/Blood Red


The MaxFinder Triple Braided 24-Pin Motherboard Extension Cables also known as M.Mod cables are out of this world. Every detail has been accounted for in quality and looks. The MaxFinder series use a stable gauge of wire to ensure proper current threshold. (16AWG, S-ATA Cables 18AWG, Fan Cables 20 to 24 AWG) these cables utilize what MaxFinder refers to as NSI Technology (Non-Shrinkage Integration Technology) when able.

Product Information
Mfr Part#CAB-939
Color Black / Blood Red
Connection Type 24-pin Female Connector to 24-pin Male Connector
Connector Type (1) 24-pin male connector to (1) 24-pin Female connector
Number of Connectors 2
# of Devices Supported 1
Length 9.8"
Quantity 1
What's in the Box Motherboard Extension Cable


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