HEXY the Hexapod Robot Kit V1 Orange

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The Hexapode Robot Hexy is a walking robot with 6 legs! Hexy is as cute as a button. Hexy can be your fun little six-legged robot buddy, and is the first ArcBotics open robotics kit. Hexy comes With Ultrasonic distance sensor eyes. This robot has easy to program functionality.

Product Information
What's in the Box Kit Includes: Screwdriver, Ultrasonic distance sensor eyes, Acrylic laser-cut pieces in your choice of six colors, with extra pieces, 20 Servos (18 for legs, 1 for eyes, 1 extra), Full arduino based Servotor32 robot controller capable of controlling up to 32 Servos, All the screws and nuts you need to assemble the kit, with extras, Bluetooth module that plugs straight into the Servotor32 robot controller


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