QTI Line Follower for Boe Bot

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This kit uses QTI infrared emitter/receiver modules to easily enhance the line-following capability of your Boe-Bot robot. Mount three or four sensors underneath the Boe-Bot chasis, and adjust the position to detect lines of different widths. Learning to use the QTI is easy with the illustrated instructions and example BASIC Stamp code provided.

Product Information
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What's in the Box
4 x 10 k 1/4 watt resistors, 4 x 3-pin male-male headers, 4 x QTI sensor modules, 4 x 3/8" 4-40 pan-head screws, 4 x nylon washers, 4 x 1" round standoffs, 4 x 7/8 inch 4-40 pan-head screws, 4 x 1/2 inch round spacers, 2 x bags of 10 3" jumper wires, 4 x 10 inch servo cable extenders