4400mAh Laptop Battery for VAIO Series

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Product Information
Mfr Part#LSO205
Bin 52
Device Compatibility
Replaces Manufacturer Part Numbers VGP-BPL10, VGP-BPL9, VGP-BPS10, VGP-BPS10/B, VGP-BPS10/S, VGP-BPS10A, VGP-BPS10A/B, VGP-BPS9, VGP-BPS9/B, VGP-BPS9A/B, VGP-BPS9A/S
Compatible Laptop Models VAIO PCG-6D1L Series, PCG-6K1L Series, PCG-6Q3L Series, PCG-6R3L Series, PCG-791L Series, PCG-792L Series, PCG-793L Series, PCG-7D2L Series, PCG-7F1L Series, PCG-7K1L Series, PCG-7M1L Series, PCG-7N1L Series, PCG-7N2L Series, PCG-7Q1L Series, PCG-7R1L Series, PCG-7R2L Series, PCG-7T1L Series, PCG-7V1L Series, PCG-7V2L Series, PCG-7X1L Series, PCG-7X2L Series, PCG-7Y1L Series, PCG-7Y2L Series, VGN-AR Series, VGN-AR130 Series, VGN-AR150 Series, VGN-AR170 Series, VGN-AR190 Series, VGN-AR230 Series, VGN-AR250 Series, VGN-AR270 Series, VGN-AR290 Series, VGN-AR320 Series, VGN-AR370 Series, VGN-AR390 Series, VGN-C140 Series, VGN-C150 Series, VGN-C190 Series, VGN-C210 Series, VGN-C220 Series, VGN-C240 Series, VGN-C250 Series, VGN-C260 Series, VGN-C290 Series, VGN-C291 Series, VGN-FE Series, VGN-FE550 Series, VGN-FE570 Series, VGN-FE590 Series, VGN-FE590G Series, VGN-FE590P Series, VGN-FE600 Series, VGN-FE650 Series, VGN-FE660 Series, VGN-FE670 Series, VGN-FE680 Series, VGN-FE690 Series, VGN-FE770 Series, VGN-FE780 Series, VGN-FE790 Series, VGN-FE870 Series, VGN-FE880 Series, VGN-FE890 Series, VGN-FJ Series, VGN-FJ150 Series, VGN-FJ170 Series, VGN-FJ180 Series, VGN-FJ250 Series, VGN-FJ270 Series, VGN-FJ290 Series, VGN-FJ290P Series, VGN-FJ370 Series
Battery Specifications
Chemical Battery Type Lithium Ion Battery
Capacity (mAh) 4,400 mAh
Voltage 11.1V
Charge Cycle Count 300 Cycle
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 Year Limited
What's in the Box
What's in the Box Laptop Battery


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