PCI Express 6-pin to Dual 8(6+2) Pin Linear Extension Power Converter Cable - 16"

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Extends and splits one PCI Express 6-pin power connector into dual PCI Express 2.0 8-pin(6+2) connectors. Its extended length provides a better solution for graphics cards used on Extended ATX Motherboards. This cable will allow you to upgrade without having to change power supply and is 100% compatible. It supports 6-pin or 8-pin graphic cards and is ideal for NVIDIA SLI cards (requires quad 6-pin PCI Express 2.0), or ATI CrossFire cards (requires dual 8-pin PCI Express). Just connect the cable to one PCI-Express 6-pin from power supply, and you'll get dual 6/8-pin PCI Express 2.0 output to your latest graphic card. This cable is specially designed for high-end systems and is also Skulltrail compatible.

Product Information
Mfr Part#CABLE-EPCIE1628
Color Multi-Color
Number of Connectors 3
Quantity Single Pack


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