Antimicrobial Universal Keyboard Cap

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The Antimicrobial Universal Keyboard Cap is one of our easiest protectors for use with all brands of keyboards. It acts like a shower cap for your keyboard, with a built in elastic loop the secures its protective film over the keys. This TPU film is durable, flexible, and transparent, so it's very easy to type with it in place, but still keeps out spills, bacteria, and other contaminants from your keyboard. It's able to take the wear of months of use, but still cost-effective enough that it can be used as a sterile one-time use protector that is then sterilized or thrown out.

Product Information
Mfr Part#RT-SC01AM
Features Protection from contaminants: Keeps bacteria, dust, hair, condiments, coffee, and other common spills or waste from entering your keyboard; Silver-ion antimicrobial additive keeps bacteria, algae, and fungi off the protector; Easy to install and cycle: Simple shower cap installation, easy to clean and sterilize. Semi-disposable and ultra-thin TPU film construction is transparent and easy to type through, but still durable enough for months of constant use. Or, use it once and switch it out for sterilization or disposal: it's very affordable!Includes; One Antimicrobial Universal Keyboard Cap for standard-size keyboards
General Specifications
Color/Material Clear
Material 0.025mm Thremal Polyurethane film with silver-ion antimicrobial additive
Quantity Single Pack
Compatible Hardware For Standard sized keyboards
Desktop / Under Desk Desktop
What's in the Box
What's in the Box Keyboard Cap


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