DJI Store in Micro Center Tustin

Within the 32,500 square feet of Micro Center Tustin, drone enthusiasts can now shop a dedicated interactive space loaded with over 10 DJI drone models, abundant accessories (including spare props, batteries, guards and more), instructional videos and a fully-functional flight cage. Featuring a landing pad and over 435 cubic feet of flight space, the cage allows customers to experience hands-on the thrill of flight and the capabilities of an extensive array of drones.

From the smallest, playful DJI Spark to the impressive, professionally-equipped Phantom 4 Pro, Micro Center Tustin’s DJI drone department has something for everyone. The dedicated, uniquely-trained associates (drone-enthusiasts and pilots themselves) have the knowledge and expertise to assist not only in a test flight, but also in helping customers choose, outfit and fly the drone of their dreams.

DJI Showcase in Tustin
DJI Spark - Palm Launch DJI Phantom 4 Pro - Visionary Intelligence DJI Mavic Pro - Wherever You Go
DJI Spark
DJI Phantom 4
DJI Mavic Pro


This palm-sized mini drone is packed with DJI’s distinct features and technologies. Facial recognition launches it from your hand. Command it with gestures, or your mobile device. Its 12MP high-performance camera captures your world using multiple shooting modes for perfect shots. Steady and maneuverable, Spark flies easily, following you or guided by GPS.


The sturdy and light-weight Phantom 4 Pro is aerodynamically designed to minimize buffeting in strong winds keeping its movements predictable and precise. Built-in multi-directional obstacle sensing and avoidance, and a remote controller with built-in screen, and features like Tap Fly, Gesture Mode, and Return To Home make the Phantom easy to control and fly.


Compact and powerful, yet highly sophisticated, the Mavic Pro is a high-performance drone with exceptional features. Its 4K camera, pocket remote with a 4.3 mile range, full HD video streaming, and flight autonomy make it a powerful tool in your hands. Precision hovering and up to 27 minutes of flight time under optimum conditions lets you do more, see more with the Mavic Pro.