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Community Article A new old guy joining the community — Micro Center Computers Computer Parts Custom PC Builder DIY/ Maker {$} Activity Categories Discussions Computers Computer Parts Custom PC Builder DIY/ Maker Home › General Discussion › New Members A new old guy joining the community Chewie70SaberSlinger Home ✭ January 2021 in New Members I'm new to this forum, but not to MicroCenter or computers. I've been a MicroCenter customer since their very first year in Columbus and have purchased most of my computer equipment there. My first PC was an Apple IIc on which I learned basic programming and began an attempt to learn machine language (a very generic terms, but one that meant using long strings of numbers to create signs, games, or whatever project you were working on at the time. I typed in a few programs from magazines, but never learned the syntax, and years later with the rise of Windows I had little reason to bother. Funny that 28 years later I found myself in an online class, using a PC to learn just a taste of several different modern computer languages. Joining this forum will allow me to help and encourage others, and hopefully get some answers to questions I can't find answers to anywhere else...or maybe just faster. I've always had both a PC and a gaming console, because I tend to prefer my equipment be specialized for it's tasks. I learned basic photography in elementary school and was an early adopter of digital photography, because it was such a revolution to not have to guess whether you got a good photo or not. It allowed you to do something you never could before....take another shot, on the spot, if you didn't get a good one, saving time effort, and trying to get people or items back to the same place. Now we can catch spontaneous moments that would have been lost before. I started with a Sony Mavica, then tried my fortunes with a Panasonic camcorder that could also take photos, then an extended zoom Nikon, and now am learning the ins and outs of a Nikon D5300. Did I mention that I still have all of these, in excellent condition, as well as my old Apple IIc? Hahaha. And yes every game system I've had with the exception of our old Atari 2600. I currently use a Asus ROG laptop and PowerSpec G214 Desktop. I have a dual head Deluxe PowerSpec 3D printer (its currently for sale) which was exciting, but I've had some difficulties with printing...mine not it's. I've worked in many different fields: restaurants, warehouse, manufacturing, woodworking, and cabinet making. My interests are vast, so I'll just give some idea: Heavy Metal, hard rock, appreciate and listen to all kinds of music, play metal guitar, enjoy racing games...flying games...shooting games...and vintage games, ride motorcycles, love sports cars of all sorts, huge Star Wars fan, enjoy sci-fi books and movies, photography, animation, graphic design, but do not enjoy coding. I'm currently looking for work and the woman of my dreams. Who knows what I'll find here, but hopefully I can get the computer answers I need. 0 · Share on TwitterShare on Facebook Comments LandShark admin January 2021 Hello @Chewie70SaberSlinger Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing. Glad to hear that you've been with us for quite some time! What was the first store that you shopped in? Was it our Lane Ave location or perhaps our location in Reynoldsburg? You're right to say that you're interests are vast! We've got a ton of categories here where you can share, talk, and help others. We're glad to have you here! 0 · Share on TwitterShare on Facebook Paul_2 ✭ January 2021 edited January 2021 I didn't own an Apple II, but when I entered kindergarten, I was very fortunate to be at an elementary school in Minnesota that had 2 computer labs and a computer in every classroom in 1983.  It was really the right place, at the right time (see MECC Oregon Trail FTW!).  The woman in charge of computers and technology for the school was also the head of the state teachers' union, and no one ever told her "no".  She was a huge computer nerd, and would teach anyone who wanted to learn the insides and out.  By the time I was 8, I was fixing my friend's parents computers, but I didn't have my own until I was 12 ((Magnavox/Phillips) Headstart 386sx). @Chewie70SaberSlinger was the programming you're referring to LOGO by chance? 0 · Share on TwitterShare on Facebook Categories 7.9K All Categories 1.2K The Blog 60 What's Trending 15 Past News and Updates 185 How to & Technical Guides 13 Computer Hardware 119 Software 3 Home Office 6 Networking 2 Audio/Visual 2 Home Automation 20 3D Printers 20 Maker 32 PC Build Guides 120 Reviews & Buying Guides 55 Build Showcase 27 Contests 48 Past Contests 1.6K The Community 1.9K General Discussion 105 New Members 246 Consumer Tech 67 Prebuilt PCs and Laptops 100 Software 8 Audio/Visual 27 Networking & Security 1 Home Automation 3 Digital Photography 3 Content Creators 22 Hobby Boards & Projects 33 3D Printing 69 Retro Arcade/Gaming 92 All Other Tech 1.6K Store Information and Policy 77 Off Topic 16 Community Ideas & Feedback 120 Your Completed Builds 2.9K Build-Your-Own PC 1.9K Help Choosing Parts 251 Graphics Cards 200 CPUs, Memory, and Motherboards 73 Cases and Power Supplies 23 Air and Liquid Cooling 26 Monitors and Displays 34 Peripherals 19 All Other Parts 28 Featured Categories We love seeing what our customers build Submit photos and a description of your PC to our build showcase Submit Now Looking for a little inspiration? See other custom PC builds and get some ideas for what can be done View Build Showcase View builds by: AMD Processors Intel Processors RTX 3090 RTX 3080 RTX 2080 Ti RTX 2080 Super RTX 2070 Super RTX 2070 RTX 2060 Super Radeon RX 5700XT Radeon RX 5700 Air Cooled Liquid Cooled SAME DAY CUSTOM BUILD SERVICE If You Can Dream it, We Can Build it. Services starting at $149.99 More Details Micro Center Homepage Desktops Laptops Computer Parts Computer Accessories Custom PC Builder Build Showcase Networking Electronics 3D Printing Service, Upgrades & Repairs Laptop Battery Replacement Laptop Screen Repair Virus and Malware Removal Hard Drive Recovery and Backup Apple MacBook Repair Custom Built PCs Schedule an Appointment © Vanilla Foundation Theme 2022 Powered By Vanilla