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Selecting the Best Graphics Card

Arguably the most crucial component of any PC is the graphics card. For gamers and design based professionals, the graphics card, or GPU, handles the majority of their computing workload. Other parts such as the processor, RAM, or storage drives are also important, however activities such as high FPS gaming, 3D Rendering, or advanced media editing, require powerful graphics cards. With more people working from home than ever before, the need for graphics cards is at an all time high. Whether your home is now your office or you are streaming the latest games to an audience, your GPU will become the workhorse of your computer. When it comes to purchasing a GPU, the first decision you need to make is between an NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card. Graphics cards that support Ray Tracing and DLSS (NVIDIA) or FSR (AMD) are becoming more popular as they provide gamers the highest quality graphics possible without sacrificing frame rates.

While graphics cards are less complicated to install than other components, you will still need to do some research to ensure your new GPU is compatible with your computer. Due to the demands of some modern graphics cards, they can sometimes require larger power supplies. Specific GPUs such as some 30 series cards from NVIDIA will even require proprietary cables to connect to a power supply. Luckily, the experienced team at Micro Center is there at any time to help you find what new graphics cards are compatible with your system. Technicians at the Micro Center Service Department can even install your new component for you, saving you time and eliminating potential issues.

Particular laptops can even connect to what is called an external graphics card to increase image processing power when needed. External graphics cards function by connecting to a computer via a dock or similar device that can use the power of the GPU without it needing to be physically installed in the system. One of the many benefits of external graphics cards is that they can increase your computer's power affordably and non-invasively.