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Bring Home the Classics with DIY Arcade Machines

At home arcade cabinets are more popular than ever before. Sleek modern technology and retro aesthetics make arcades functional yet excellent decorative pieces for any space. DIY arcade cabinet kits provide an affordable entry point to the nostalgic hobby, and their surprisingly simple wiring and design mean that just about anybody with a love for retro gaming can add one to their home. Whats more, with the wide array of components at your disposal, you will have a plethora of options to customize the look, feel, and gameplay of your arcade machine.

Micro Centers selection of arcade gaming hardware gives you everything you need to build classic arcade game machines at home. From precision cut game cabinets to joysticks that have all the spring and snap of the ones you remember, our arcade gaming components make it easy to create the retro game room setup of your dreams.

Choosing the right Arcade Gaming Components

Building your own retro arcade also allows for total customization of the system. Additional components like unique decals, buttons, and joysticks provide endless ways to personalize your arcade cabinet. From the color of your buttons to the types of games the system can play, every aspect of your DIY arcade cabinet can be modified.

Retro arcades are made possible by the computing power and affordability of Raspberry Pi emulators. A Raspberry Pi is a small single board computer that, thanks to modern technology, can easily emulate classic arcade game systems. Typically, these devices are around the size of a deck of cards or smaller and can be programmed to host a number of arcade video game emulators and operating systems.

Want to go all out on your arcade dreams? We offer complete full size arcade cabinets to bring all the nostalgic fun of a real retro arcade into your home. For users with space concerns, bar top arcades can provide the same functionality and style as other cabinets but with a reduced size. Enjoy two player arcade matches with friends and family, or challenge yourself to a new high score. However you want to play, our complete home arcade systems are designed for hours of retro gaming enjoyment that will remind you why these games became classics in the first place.

Other components like arcade buttons or joysticks are compatible with most cabinets, regardless of form factor, making them readily available and easy to find in stock for purchase. Fight sticks are ready to use arcade controllers designed for anyone looking for an arcade experience without substantial setup or configuration. Some options may even house a Raspberry Pi emulator within the fight stick that allows for an easy connection out to any monitor. Commonly, fight sticks come with a USB connection that will enable them to interface with many devices, ranging from PCs to game consoles and Raspberry Pi emulators. Prefer a classic trackball controller? We offer those, too, with the same plug and play USB Raspberry Pi compatibility that makes installation a breeze. You can even add a steering wheel or flight stick to take on your favorite racing and flight simulator games! It is your arcade cabinet, and you are in control - literally.

When you are putting the finishing touches on your DIY arcade machine, our selection has you covered. We offer a range of high quality vinyl graphics that are easy to apply to your arcade cabinet and create a distinctively vintage look. Don’t forget to grab an arcade speaker kit to capture that unmistakable boom that tells you, in no uncertain terms, that its game time.

Build Your Perfect Arcade Cabinet at Micro Center

Browse and compare Micro Centers full inventory of arcade gaming hardware right here. Find the perfect components for the home arcade machine you have always wanted and enjoy the classics the way they were meant to be played! For an easy step by step guide to assembling your arcade cabinet, see our retro arcade gaming guide.

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