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Shop 2 in 1 Laptops at Micro Center

2 in 1 laptops have come a long way since their inception in the 90s. They are now versatile mobile devices that seamlessly combine a tablet's portability with a traditional laptop's productivity. All 2 in 1 laptops use a touchscreen and have a keyboard that the user can either fold up or remove. Thus, you can choose whether you prefer to use it as a laptop or tablet and switch back and forth as necessary.

2 in 1s are great for users who need a portable and versatile computer that can do more than the standard tablet. The responsive touchscreens of 2 in 1s make them great choices for artists and other creatives, but they are also superb business laptops, thanks to their convenience and their excellence in multitasking. In fact, anyone who needs functionality and flexibility on the go can potentially benefit from a 2 in 1 laptop.

Detachable vs. Convertible Laptops

The first choice you will make when shopping for a 2 in 1 laptop is whether you want a detachable or convertible model. These are the most important differences:

A detachable 2 in 1 has the basic form factor of a tablet plus a detachable keyboard. Remove the keyboard, and you are using a full fledged tablet. Reattach it, and you have a lightweight and highly portable touchscreen laptop.

A convertible 2 in 1 has the basic form factor of a laptop, with a flexible hinge that allows the screen to flip behind the keyboard. Convertibles offer both a tablet mode that converts it into a more tablet like form factor and a tent mode that turns it into a self supporting display ideal for media viewing.

Each option has its merits. Detachable tablets offer incredible portability and versatility, with an ultra compact form factor that makes them easy to take to the office, job site, or class. Convertible laptops, meanwhile, offer a more full fledged laptop experience, including roomier keyboards, touchpads and additional processing power.

Other Factors to Consider

Stylus Support: Many people use a stylus pen to draw or take notes on a 2 in 1 - typically, these are sold separately. Check what kinds of pens and stylus features your laptop supports if this feature is key to your workflow.

Battery Life: Most 2 in 1s offer excellent battery life. However, if it is a top priority for you, comparing each laptop’s rated battery life will give you a ballpark estimate of which models will offer the best performance.

Processor and Specs: It is also important to look at traditional PC specs like CPU speed, RAM, and SSD size. Be sure to compare them against any demanding apps you know you will want to use such as art and design programs.

Discover the ultimate productivity solution for work, play, and everything in between with Micro Center’s top rated 2 in 1 laptops. Shop now and find your perfect match for any setting. Seeking a laptop with a little more teeth? Check out our lineup of gaming laptops here.

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