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Selecting a New TV

Upgrade to a 4K TV for Superior Visuals

TVs are constantly getting more advanced, with TV displays getting higher quality as the years have gone by. Micro Center is your go to place for buying a new 4K TV.

Standard HD TVs, which replaced 4:3 televisions as the new standard TV resolution in the mid 2000s, featured a resolution of 1920x1080 and were composed of two million pixels. In the mid 2010’s, 4K TVs took over as the new standard and featured a resolution of 3840x2160. In other words, 4K TVs feature four times as many pixels compared to standard HD TVs and produce an overall sharper image.

Simplify Your Viewing Experience with a Smart TV

Aside from providing superior visuals, many newer televisions are also classified as Smart TVs – or TVs that feature integrated internet and web access right out of the box. This allows users to gain access to streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+ without requiring a separate streaming device, such as a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.

Some Smart TVs even come packed in with Roku OS or Amazon Fire OS, making the process of watching your favorite films and shows even easier. If you are somebody who prioritizes convenience above all else, then a Smart TV might be a worthy investment for you.

Find the Best Size Television for Your Entertainment Center

One factor that some don’t fully take into consideration when purchasing a new television is the best screen size.

While quite often bigger is indeed better, one also needs to consider the size of their entertainment center when shopping. Because while it is true that larger LED TVs make for more enjoyable viewing experiences, LED TVs that are too large can strain the eyes. One rule of thumb is to pick an LED TV size that is at least one third of the viewing distance in inches. For example, 40 inch TVs are ideal for rooms where the viewing distance is between 5.5 and 10 feet, and 50 inch LED TVs have the best viewing range of 6 to 10.5 feet.

Gamers Should Prioritize Higher Refresh Rate

If you are shopping for a television to play your brand new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X game console on, then you should prioritize finding a TV with a higher refresh rate. PC gamers are probably already familiar with the term, but for those who aren’t, refresh rate refers to the number of hertz (Hz) or frames that a TV can display per second.

The standard refresh rate that you’ll see most TVs feature is 60Hz, which essentially means that it will display 60 frames per second. Most modern console games cap at 60 frames per second, however the newest systems offer frame rates up to 120Hz. So, if you are looking for a TV that is capable of handling next gen gaming, then you will also want to purchase a TV with at least 120Hz.

Other Features to Look for in an LED TV

Outside of resolution and screen size, you should make sure to purchase an LED TV with necessary features packed in. Among these features, the most important one has got to be HDMI ports. HDMI ports allow TV viewers to plug in exterior devices such as game consoles, Bluray players, and cable boxes into TV sets. You should always try to find a TV that features at least two or three HDMI ports, to avoid having to constantly unplug HDMI devices to make room for others. Additionally, if you happen to still use any devices with component cables, consider finding yourself an LED TV with at least one set of component cable ports.

Shop online or visit your local Micro Center for the best deals on the latest televisions on the market.