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What's Your Type – We have a Wired or Wireless Keyboard for You

The keyboard is one of your most important computer peripherals, so it is smart to invest in one that really suits your needs. That could be a gaming keyboard with the lowest latency and coolest lighting, an office friendly ergonomic keyboard to make long days easier, or an ultra compact keyboard that can slip into any digital nomad’s backpack. Discover all of the many options for your perfect computer keyboard here.

Choosing the Best Keyboard for You

These are some of the top factors to keep in mind when searching for the best keyboard for your needs:

Membrane vs. Mechanical: Membrane keyboards use pressure sensitive membranes under the keycaps, while mechanical keyboards use tiny spring loaded mechanical switches. Gamers often prefer mechanical keyboards for their tactile feel, durability, and fast action, but membrane keyboards typically have a lower price point and eliminate the clicky sound of mechanical keyboards.

Connectivity: Wireless keyboards connect to a computer either via Bluetooth or a 2.4ghz RF signal with a USB dongle, while wired keyboards use a cord. Today’s wireless or Bluetooth keyboards offer very low latency and eliminate the hassle of dealing with cords, but some gamers still prefer corded keyboards for their near nonexistent latency and lower price point. If you are shopping for a wired keyboard, cord compatibility is important to keep in mind.

Ergonomics: A huge variety of ergonomic features are available on keyboards, including wrist and palm rests, built in touchpads, and split angled keyboard designs that provide a typing angle some people find more comfortable. True split keyboards actually come in two separate pieces that can be positioned wherever the user wants while still providing the functionality of a full sized keyboard. Other people prefer very compact mini keyboard models for their portability and low profile, including tenkeyless keyboards that eliminate the number pad.

Modular Capability: Some users want the ability to swap different keycaps onto their mechanical keyboard’s switches, either because they prefer the feel of certain switch types or they want to customize the keyboard layout. If that sounds like you, check out the many models of modular keyboards available here.

Backlighting: Backlit keys are a popular keyboard feature for anyone working or gaming in a low-light environment. Many people also enjoy the visual aesthetic of RGB backlighting that gaming keyboards often come equipped with.

Shop Micro Center’s huge selection of keyboards for great prices on top names like Razer, Logitech, Corsair, Cherry MX, and more. Looking for a mouse, too? Be sure to check out our keyboard and mouse combos for deals on bundles designed to work together.

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