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Motherboard/CPU Combos

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Why Use a CPU Motherboard Combo?

For PC builders, everything starts with the CPU and motherboard. From your graphics card to your hard drive to those sweet RGB lights, everything else in your build will depend on the compatibility of your CPU and motherboard. To make it easy for PC builders to find the parts they need, Micro Center offers bundled deals on CPU Motherboard combos.

To make your PC build successful, your motherboard must have a CPU socket that is compatible with the CPU you plan to use. First, you will need to choose either an AMD or Intel compatible motherboard, depending on which brand of processor you plan to install. Furthermore, even within compatible brands, socket configurations can vary depending on the model series of the processor.

On top of that, the motherboard BIOS chipset plays a crucial role in determining its compatibility with the CPU. The BIOS of older motherboards is not always compatible out of the box with newer CPUs, and updating a BIOS can be a confusing and time consuming task that even seasoned PC builders would rather skip.

Our goal at Micro Center is to make PC building easy and fun for our customers. That is why we offer dozens of expert approved CPU Motherboard combos, so you can skip the decidedly not easy and not fun task of researching and troubleshooting compatibility.

Choosing a CPU Motherboard Combo for Your PC Build

How can you determine which CPU Motherboard combo will offer the best performance for your PC build? These are some of the main factors that PC builders look for:

  • CPU Brand: Both Intel and AMD CPUs can offer outstanding performance, but some builders prefer one or the other.
  • Form Factor: The form factor of your motherboard - such as the full sized ATX or smaller micro ATX - will determine the PC case size and power supply you need for your PC.
  • CPU Cores: Choose your number of CPU cores based on your anticipated performance needs, from a workhorse six or eight core CPU to the extreme power of a fourteen or sixteen core. This is especially important for gaming PC builds.
  • Memory Type: RAM slots on a motherboard are designed for compatibility with certain types of RAM, such as DDR4 and DDR5.
  • PCIe Support: Motherboard PCIe slots have important effects on which types of hardware, such as graphics cards and SSDs, you can add to your PC.
  • External Ports: Critical external ports, like your HDMI and USB C ports, run through connectors on your motherboard, so be sure to choose one that offers the right choices for you.

Find The Best CPU Motherboard Combo for Your Needs

Shop Micro Centers full selection of CPU Motherboard combos here and find the perfect foundation for your next PC build. Whether you are a gamer or just a builder, our combos include top gaming motherboard brands like ASUS and MSI, paired with compatible CPUs from Intel and AMD.