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    Once A Decade Arcade Once A Decade Arcade

    I had an (probably 10 years) old computer that I built and have been using it daily ever since. At two separate points... I had an (probably 10 years) old computer that I built and have been using it daily ever since. At two separate points throughout it's lifecycle, I made two massive upgrades - 1) going from an HDD boot drive to an SSD, and 2) upgrading the video card from one that was mid-range at the time of installation to a modern mid-range card. The video card upgrade was probably 3-4 years ago. Now that I am permanently remote in my day job, I get to spend an enormous amount of time on sitting at my computer. With new lines of CPUs having just been released, I figured now was as good of time as any to do a full, much-needed rebuild of my daily PC. I work on my computer for the full day, every day, and work on side projects (web development, writing, etc.) in the evenings. I do some gaming, but haven't really had a capable machine to really enjoy it in many years. With that, I am many years behind on PC games, so I don't need to play the latest and greatest. With that, and a budget, in mind, I built the whole system from the ground up, but decided to reuse the existing video card. GPU prices are ever-so-slightly beginning to come down, so I thought I'd wait a bit to buy one while catching up on the past 6-8 years of games I haven't been able to play.
    Jason R
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    Gaming Computer Gaming Computer

    Gaming Computer Gaming Computer

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