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    Little White Wolf Little White Wolf

    This is my second build and the first I made for myself. It is a budget build for my home use; I do a lot of sound producing... This is my second build and the first I made for myself. It is a budget build for my home use; I do a lot of sound producing for work and my studio system packs some power but it is a Mac, still. I wanted to be able to do some light gaming, also do some work like sound and video editing, some light graphic design, lots of proof reading for commercial spots and lately lots of video conferencing. I use a TV as a monitor, it is full HD and 60 Hz so it is what I need. This system is my personal rig and it's located on my bedroom so I also use it as a media hub. As this was gonna go in my bedroom I took the design very much into consideration and I put a lot of thought in to it when I was figuring out my budget for this build. The White LED Fans and the back RGBW LED on the TV make the whole work space feel on the same page. Even with the white LED Fans not being able to change colors, the other colors on my Logitech keyboard and the TV's Backlight make everything pop. I started building this system gradually. That last piece that came in was the GPU, I started with my old GTX 740 from my old system to start using it and upgraded it to my GTX 1650 as soon as I could, I have it paired with a Ryzen 5 2600. It is a budgewt system, but fairly powerful. I still think I have two weak links on which compromises were made, which are my A320m Motherboard and the 450W EVGA power supply. They limit how much I can upgrade this system so I'm looking to first get the motherboard as I get ready for a Ryzen 4000 Series upgrade also the Power supply has to go If I'm getting a better GPU so I'm thinking on swapping both on the same run. Love the Micro ATX format on my motherboard, I paired it with the Yeyian case I got in Mexico as I come back and forth from TX to Monterrey and I love how it sits on my desk. It is a budget case but I love the looks. I had an issue with my gigabyte Motherboard and my case as I wasn't able to get the front USB 3.0 working, and after a chipset driver upgrade, bios upgrade and looking for solutions, I figured It was either an issue with the motherboard or the case header, so I let it go and I'll wait for the next upgrade. This first build just made me want to spend more time and money on my set up which I'm very much looking forward to do.
    Kevin A