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    La Poderosa ( The Powerful ) La Poderosa ( The Powerful )

    Hello i built this pc from gaming to watching movies to a workstation for college. Did my research on some builds, was... Hello i built this pc from gaming to watching movies to a workstation for college. Did my research on some builds, was looking to spend a little over 1k. For the processor I slapped in a i5 9600k, paired it up with a RTX 2060 from MSI. For ram i went with the 8x2 3000 mhz Gskill Trident x RGB, and for my storage i recently upgraded from a ssd to a Crucial nvme m.2 1tb for alittle over 100 which was a STEAL ! For the motherboard i went with a simple Gygabyte z390 UD and for my case I went with a Corsair iCUE 220T, and a simple Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB. By just reading the specs, its a pretty good gaming rig for playing games like COD, Fortnite, Valorant, Beam-Ng, Minecraft you name it. Peripherals wise, I haven't done much upgrading since they are still holding up. For my mouse I have a Razer Death adder Chroma which is a couple of years old, for my keyboard im rocking a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 edition NON-rgb which sucks. For my mouse pad I also rock a Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma gaming mousepad which I purchased not that long ago. Cant forget the speakers, i rock the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's. They are hella crispy, i have them mounted on my desk in a way that they look like they are floating ! I'm still rocking a Blue Snowball which i have not let go ever since i started youtube videos ( 10k subs :) ). My monitor which I just got a few days ago, I dont regret buying it all. Its an MSI Optix g32 Series. I picked it up because of the price, size as well as refresh rate ! I was rocking a 27 incher which I sold to upgrade and I dont regret selling it at all ( Well kinda since it was my first gaming monitor). I dont think anyone cares about this part ,but I also purchased a steering wheel ( Ferrari Racing WHeel Red Legend Edition )with pedals for a more realistic driving experience when i hop on Beam-NG Drive. If you haven't tried it out, you are missing OUT ! This concludes my whole setup, everything i've on my list i have purchased by self with my earnings and I dont regret spending it ! Thank you for reading my post :)