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    YouCanAfford-it YouCanAfford-it

    cheap and powerful $960 gaming setup cheap and powerful $960 gaming setup
    Mostefa L
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    Molan Labe Molan Labe

    I built this as a way to help with boredom and keep connected with my kids during the 2020 lock downs. Started its life in a... I built this as a way to help with boredom and keep connected with my kids during the 2020 lock downs. Started its life in a Thermal take case and just the Asus Board and Ryzen 3 2200g but then the PC building/ Customizing bug hit me and hit me hard. I attempted to customize the thermal take case but that wasn't going the direction I wanted so I searched for a case that better fit my need but also wasn't the same mainstream cases I was seeing all over the internet ie the Nzxt. Ifound the case on Amazon and purchased it although the case could be slightly better it really fits my needs and satisfied my need to see the computer while its operating. I added a RX570 graphics card and more hard drive space. Then over the early summer the need to upgrade was further intensified when my son wanted to build his first computer. So I made him a deal he could have the Ryzen 3 2200g when I could get a Ryzen 3 3300x. Well after a long wait I was able to secure one of the 3300X cpu's at micro center upon installing the new CPU I determined I would be adding a NVME drive to hold the one and only game I play. So that was added and a heat sink, that although isn't needed it looks really good under the CPU fan. PSU extension cables were added for purely looks and not for function. All the case fans are remote controlled for their respective LED effects and the Wraith Prism is controlled by the Cooler Master Software. To do it all over I would have definitely done far more research and possibly gone another route with the motherboard, and I would definitely say I should have opted for a different Graphic Card like a RX 580 or a 5700. But those are Items I can add or change at a later time. This was started as just a simple Web Browsing machine and morphed into something else entirely. I am looking at changing the fans to one that have PWM control as these are just simple fans that have no speed adjustment.
    William G