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  • i7+1060 Gaming Rig #MicroCenterMadness thumbnail

    i7+1060 Gaming Rig #MicroCenterMadness i7+1060 Gaming Rig #MicroCenterMadness

    I built my first PC about one year ago using a hand-me-down 970A-D3P MoBo, an EVGA 2GB GPU, and an AMD fx-6300. A month ago,... I built my first PC about one year ago using a hand-me-down 970A-D3P MoBo, an EVGA 2GB GPU, and an AMD fx-6300. A month ago, i bought an i7 10700K and an MSI 1060. I use this PC to play games with my brother and his friends. I play Warzone, Rocket league, Minecraft,Subnautica, Raft, and Overwatch. (i7 10700K. GeForce GTX ARMOR 1060 3G OCV1. H470M Pro4. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) dual channel memory. Corsair iCUE H100i 240mm AIO. Enermax 850W fully modular PSU. Lian Li II. Samsung 970 EVO 500GB and Western Digital 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. P.S. I forgot to put the #MicroCenterMadness in this the first time so I had to upload this twice.
    Adam S
  • My HP Prebuilt Rebuild thumbnail

    My HP Prebuilt Rebuild My HP Prebuilt Rebuild

    Short Desc- HP prebuilt redone into a full build.Complete Desc- (Purpose, Mistakes, Progress and Results)This build is based... Short Desc- HP prebuilt redone into a full build. Complete Desc- (Purpose, Mistakes, Progress and Results) This build is based on a hp pavilion 590 office pc i got back in 2018 for cheap. As my first system, I preferred a prebuilt pc instead of a DIY because I did not had enough knowledge about pc building or in tech at the time. My goal with this pc was to upgrade it down the line for it to play games like racing sims, go casually in shooters and do some other slower paced games. I also planned to do some light productivity, aswell for work. But since I had a tight budget, I did my best with what i had which was just enough for a good used starter gpu and a few needed add-ons and adapters to make this all work as I later found out the prebuilt not being compatible with the parts in many ways. The results of doing all of this were questionable but surprisingly the pc worked and it did what I mostly wanted to do with the only major issue being how loose and flimsy everything was. Months later, I only did an upgrade to the storage with an Optane module to speed up the slow hdd storage. However, I wanted to make a big improvement on my setup as to be honest, this whole thing was a mess. So I started to learn more about diy and technical stuff of pcs that I did not explored before to come up with a more ideal build. When I got another good amount of budget earned, I did my most significant change and upgrade after a year later (on 2020) where I revamped everything from scratch to how it is shown in pictures. The previous motherboard, case and other unnecessary things were removed but the reusable items such as the processor, ram, hdd, optane, psu (bought as add-on initially) and gpu were kept. Rebuilding the pc with the proper resources and tools could not been easier, miles better than adjusting and making stuff work on my previous prebuilt setup. Although it still has some mis-perfections, I consider this an accomplishment and all the stuff I intended to do with my pc originally just work better overall now. I guess I should have chosen to do and learn diy in the first place lol. I put a picture of the original “build” to show where I started with this.
    carlos v