Replacement Laptop Battery for HP PI06 710416-001 710417-001 HSTNN-UB4N HSTNN-LB40 HSTNN-LB4N TPN-112 Envy M6-N010DX M6-N113DX M7-J120DX M7-J020DX 17T-J100

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Replacement laptop battery for HP laptops & notebooks, models include Envy M6-N010DX, M6-N113DX, M7-J120DX, M7-J020DX, 17T-J100. This is an OEM replacement for HP part numbers including PI06, 710416-001, 710417-001. See the specs tab for detailed HP laptop compatibility. This 5,600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery is rated at 10.8V and has an average run time of Up to 5.0 Hours. The longevity rating is 300-500 Cycles and it comes with a 1 year warranty. Micro Center offers HP laptop battery replacement and installation services to ensure your laptop will be back up and running quickly ask the store for details.

Product Information
Mfr Part#
Battery Compatibility
Compatible Laptop Models
15-j000ea, 15-j000eb, 15-j000ec, 15-j000er, 15-j000ew, 15-j000sg, 15-j001eo, 15-j001er, 15-j001sb, 15-j001sg, 15-j001sr, 15-j001tx, 15-j002eg, 15-j002er, 15-j002ex, 15-j002la, 15-j003eo, 15-j003la, 15-j003sx, 15-j003xx, 15-j004ax, 15-j004er, 15-j004la, 15-j004tx, 15-j005ep, 15-j005ss, 15-j005tu, 15-j006ax, 15-j006cl, 15-j006ss, 15-j007ax, 15-J007CL, 15-J007eo, 15-J007ss, 15-J007tu, 15-j008ax, 15-j009eo, 15-j009ss, 15-j010er, 15-j010sr, 15-j010tx, 15-j010us, 15-J011DX, 15-J011er, 15-j011nr, 15-J011sb, 15-j011sg, 15-j011sp, 15-j011sr, 15-j012eo, 15-j012la, 15-j012sr, 15-j012tx, 15-j013cl, 15-j013sg, 15-j013sr, 15-j013tx, 15-j015sr, 15-j015tx, 15-j016tx, 15-j017cl, 15-j017sg, 15-j019so, 15-j020eo, 15-j022eb, 15-j022el, 15-j022tx, 15-j023cl, 15-j024tx, 15-j025tx, 15-j026tx, 15-j027tx, 15-j028eo, 15-j028tx, 15-j030eb, 15-j030us, 15-j031nr, 15-j031ss, 15-j031tx, 15-j032nr, 15-j033tx, 15-j034tx, 15-j035eo, 15-j035so, 15-j035tx, 15-j037el, 15-j037tx, 15-j039tx, 15-J040el, 15-J040eo, 15-J040er, 15-J040sr, 15-J041tx, 15-J043ed, 15-J048tx, 15-J049tx, 15-J050tx, 15-j051nr, 15-J051tx, 15-J052tx, 15-J054ca, 15-j058ca, 15-J059NR, 15-j060ez, 15-J060US, 15-J063CL, 15-j063ei, 15-j066ez, 15-J067CL, 15-J068ez, 15-J069sf, 15-J071sf, 15-J075NR, 15-j078ca, 15-J078ez, 15-J079sf, 15-j081eg, 15-J082sf, 15-j084ca, 15-j084nr, 15-J085NR, 15-J089sf, 15-j090ez, 15-j092nr, 15z-j000 CTO, 15z-j100, 17-j000, 17-j000 CTO, 17-j000/CT, 17-j000eb, 17-j000eo, 17-j000er, 17-j000so, 17-j001eb, 17-j001eo, 17-j001er, 17-j001sg, 17-j001tx, 17-j002eo, 17-j002er, 17-j002tx, 17-j003ea, 17-j003eo, 17-j003er, 17-j003sa, 17-j003sg, 17-j003tx, 17-j003xx, 17-j004eg, 17-j004er, 17-j004sr, 17-j004tx, 17-j005ea, 17-j005eg, 17-j005eo, 17-j005er, 17-j005tx, 17-j006ea, 17-j006ed, 17-j006er, 17-j006sr, 17-j006tx, 17-j007eo, 17-j007er, 17-j007tx, 17-j008eo, 17-j008er, 17-j008tx, 17-j009ed, 17-j009el, 17-j009tx, 17-j010el, 17-j010eo, 17-j010ep, 17-j010ew, 17-j010sa, 17-j010sr, 17-j010tx, 17-j010us, 17-j011nr, 17-j011sa, 17-j011sp, 17-j011sr, 17-j012er, 17-j012sr, 17-j013cl, 17-j013sr, 17-j014sr, 17-j015eo, 17-j015er, 17-j015sr, 17-j016sr, 17-j017er, 17-j017sg, 17-j017sr, 17-j018sg, 17-j018sr, 17-j019sr, 17-j020eg, 17-j020us, 17-j020us Quad Edition, 17-j021nr, 17-j021sr, 17-j021ss, 17-j022sr, 17-j023cl, 17-j025er, 17-j025sr, 17-j027cl, 17-j029nr, 17-j029nr Quad Edition, 17-j030eb, 17-j030us, 17-j033eo, 17-j034ca, 17-j034sg, 17-j035eo, 17-j036eo, 17-j040ec, 17-j040nr, 17-j040us, 17-j041nr, 17-j043cl, 17-j044ca, 17-j050ex, 17-j050us, 17-j051ei, 17-j053ea, 17-J057CL, 17-j057ol, 17-j060sf, 17-j060us, 17-j061ss, 17-j067ez, 17-j070ca, 17-j070ez, 17-j071sf, 17-j072sf, 17-j073ca, 17-j073sf, 17-j075ez, 17-j075sf, 17-j075sz, 17-j076ef, 17-j076ez, 17-j076sf, 15-j000ew, 15-j001eo, 15-j002el, 15-j006cl, 15-j011dx, 15-j013cl, 15-j017cl, 15-j017sg, 15-j023c, 15-j035eo, 15-j043ed, 15-j059nr, 15-j060us, 15-j063ei, 15-j078ez, 15-j084nr, 15-j100eb, 15-j100el, 15-j100nf, 15-j100ns, 15-j100sb, 15-j100sl, 15-j101el, 15-j101sf, 15-j101sp, 15-j101ss, 15-j102la, 15-j103ed, 15-j103el, 15-j103sl, 15-j104el, 15-j104sl, 15-j105en, 15-j106la, 15-j108el, 15-j108la, 15-j10us, 15-j112tx, 15-j118so, 15-j119so, 15-j119tx, 15-j120sg, 15-j124sg, 15-j130eb, 15-j131es, 15-j140na, 15-j142na, 15-j150ed, 15-j151eo, 15-j151nf, 15-j154eo, 15-j154so, 15-j155eo, 15-j159eo, 15-j159so, 15-j160no, 15-j163ei, 15-j165eo, 15-j165no, 15-j165so, 15-j169eo, 15-j169so, 15-j170eo, 15-j171nr, 15-j174eo, 15-j175nr, 15-j176nf, 15-j178ez, 15-j179ez, 15-j182sg, 15-j185nr, 15-j190nb, 15-j191nb, 17-j000so, 17-j001eo, 17-j002eo, 17-j003sa, 17-j007eo, 17-j010ew, 17-j010sa, 17-j013cl, 17-j014eg, 17-j015eo, 17-j017sg, 17-j029nr, 17-j030eb, 17-j035eo, 17-j040ec, 17-j051ei, 17-j060ef, 17-j060us, 17-j061es
Replaces Manufacturer Part Numbers
710416-001, 710417-001, H6L38AA, H6L38AA#ABB, HSTNN-LB40, HSTNN-LB4N, HSTNN-LB4O, HSTNN-UB4N, PI06, TPN-I110, TPN-I111, TPN-I112, TPN-Q117, TPN-Q118, TPN-Q119, TPN-Q120, TPN-Q121, TPN-Q122, 709988-54, 709988-851, 710417-00, HSTNN-YB4O, PI06062-CL, PI06XL, PI09, PIO6, PIO9, TPN-L110, TPN-L111, TPN-L112
Battery Specifications
5600 mAh
Average Run Time
Up to 5.0 Hours
Charging Period
Up to 3 Hours
Charge Cycle Count
300-500 Cycles
Chemical Battery Type
Lithium Ion Battery
Compliant Standards
PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including BPA, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information, go to
1 Year
Package Contents
What's in the Box
Replacement Laptop Battery