Soldering Accessory Kit, 17 Pieces

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Complete assortment of tools and accessories for most soldering applications. Soldering iron stand designed for most pencil style irons features heavy weighted base, coiled holder and solder sponge. Tools include solder vacuum, curved and straight tweezers, 6 double sided solder tools including straight and angled picks, chisel, tamper, pry tool, brush and flat blade,. Replacement solder and 5 assorted replacement soldering tips: straight and angle flat, straight and angled point and chisel tip. Storage / carrying case keeps everything together and organized.

Product Information
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General Specifications
Tool Type
Soldering Kit
What's in the Box
What's in the Box
Solder Vacuum, Curved Tweezers, Straight Tweezers, Straight Pick, Angled Pick, Chisel, Tamper, Pry Tool, Brush, Flat Blade, Replacement Solder, Straight Flat Tip, Angled Flat Tip, Straight Chisel Tip, Angled Chisel Tip. Storage / Carrying Case