Electronic Parts Pack

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Electronic Parts Pack contains common electronic components, sensors, and other parts used with Arduino and other DIY projects. (Note: this kit does not include an Arduino compatible board.)

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What's in the box
What's in the Box
1 x Parts box, 1 x Acrylic mounting plate, 1 x Mounting hardware, 10 x 0.10uf ceramic, 10 x 0.01uf ceramic, 5 x 100uf electrolytic, 1 x IC 74HC595N 16-pin DIP, 1 x LED - RGB, 10 x LED - Red, 10 x LED - Yellow, 10 x LED - Green, 10 x LED - Blue, 1 x 7-seg LED 1x module, 1 x 7-seg LED 4 x module, 9g Servo Motor, 10 x 10K ohm resistor, 10 x 1K ohm resistor, 10 x 220 ohm resistor, 1 x 10K ohm Pot, 2 x Photo Resistor, 1 x Flame sensor, 1 x LM35 Temp Sensor, 2 x Ball tilt sensor, 1 x Buzzer (passive), 1 x Buzzer (active), 4 x Large button switch, 830-pin Breadboard, Dupont connector wires, 40 x Pin headers