Useless Box Kit

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Yes, it's ... Useless! Designed as featured over at It's a clever electromechanical box that turns itself off after you've turned it on. This is now a full kit, complete with Solarbotics satisfaction warranty, but you will have to assemble it (requires some soldering), supplying your own soldering gear, batteries, and screwdriver.

Product Information
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Electronics Kit
What's in the Box
What's in the Box
1 x 39300 Black acrylic "Useless Box" construction set, 1 x Motor set, 1 x Double-pole, double-throw power switch, 1 x Single-pole, double-throw retract limit switch, 1 x 4-conductor ribbon wire, 1 x 2xAA battery pack, 1 x Double-sided sticky tape, 4 x Miniature hinges, 2 x #4 x 1/2" Motor-mounting screws, 5 x #2-32 x 3/8" Limit switch / finger mounting screws, 1 x #2 x 1/4" and #2 Washer set for accessory wheel, 22 x #4 x 3/8" Bolts and #4 nut sets, 16 x #2 x 1/4" Hinge-mounting screws, 4 x "Little Rubber Feet" to protect your Useless Box from abrasive counter tops!