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Cherry switches are considered to bring the highest standard when it comes to mechanical keyboards. These switches are available in different colors with different features each. Blue Cherry Switches react at a 60 grams pressure, ideally suited for people who love precision. With its additional audible feedback, you can easily react to all actions in-game, giving you 100% control over your inputs. The more competitive a game gets, the more APM (actions per minute) you need. The N-key rollover ensures that all your input is being registered correctly. The feature guarantees that no matter how many keys you press, every single input gets noticed and implemented in-game. The N-Key Rollover goes hand-in-hand with anti-ghosting. In case you accidentally press adjacent keys, the feature eliminates ghost registrations and only forwards the input you intend to send.

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AOC AGK700 Tournament-Grade RGB Gaming Mechanical Wired Keyboard - Black

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