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Plusivo BJT Transistor Kit

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BJT Transistors Assortment Kit - Set of 210 PNP and NPN Assorted Transistors with 250 Assorted Resistors. BJT Transistor Assortment Kit: It includes the most common PNP and NPN transistors: 2N3904, 2N3906, S8050, 2N2907, S8550, 2N2222, BC337, C1815, BC327, A1015. Premium Assorted Transistors: With our 210 pcs bipolar transistor pack you will never have to worry about not having the right transistor for your circuit. Bonus Resistor Kit Included: The transistor kit comes with a 250 pcs bonus resistor assortment kit that includes the most commonly used resistor values, always useful for your electronic circuits. Durable Plastic Storage Box Included: It helps you to always keep the transistors organized and to transport the transistor kit anywhere - forget about the hassle of keeping the transistors in a bag.

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Plusivo BJT Transistor Kit

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