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Potentiometer Kit - 5pcs Multi-Turn Trimmer (1K -100K Ohm), 10pcs Single-Turn Linear Variable Resistor Pots (1k - 1M Ohm). Plusivo Potentiometer Assortment Kit: Choose from 5 different values ranging from 1K ohm to 100K ohm of multiturn trimmers with knobs suitable to your electronics / electrical project needs. This kit also includes 10 pcs of 1K ohm-1M ohm single linear high-precision variable resistor each with plastic knobs. Various Applications: Used for volume control of audio sets, car radios, amplifiers, mixers, synthesizers and other appliances. For electronic circuit projects that need adjustable voltage dividers, and for tuning and calibration. Bonus Items: As bonus items, this kit includes a mini screwdriver, washer, and nuts. Durable Plastic Storage Box: All the items are packed inside a durable plastic box with compartments that keeps these small parts organized. Bring your kit anywhere and keep them free from damage inside this plastic storage kit.

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Plusivo Potentiometer Kit

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