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Inland Replacement Laptop Battery for HP MO06 699468-001 671731-001 672412-001 TPN-W106 HSTNN-LB3P HSTNN-LB3N HSTNN-YB3N HSTNN-UB3N TPN-W108 TPN-W109 671567-321

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Mfr Part #:
HPP DV4-5000-4-

Why are Inland replacement laptop batteries better? CAPACITY - Inland batteries use the same capacity battery cells as your original battery or better! Other vendors cut corners with lower capacity cells. QUALITY - Inland batteries use cells manufactured exclusively by the trusted brands Samsung, LG, and Sanyo. Other vendors use unbranded cells manufactured in China. SAFETY - Inland batteries are manufactured with a USA-made, Texas Instruments control chip. You are safer using an Inland replacement battery than one made with a control chip from an unknown source. LONGEVITY - The name-brand cells will last for double the length or better than knock-offs, exceeding 1000 charge cycles (compare to less than 500). WARRANTY - Inland batteries come with an unprecedented two-year warranty! We can offer this because our quality is far superior to the alternatives. This is a replacement for HP part numbers including MO06, 699468-001, 671731-001, 672412-001, HSTNN-LB3P, HSTNN-LB3N. See the specs tab for detailed HP laptop compatibility. This 5,600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery is rated at 11.8V*, yielding 62.2 Wh of power. That's 27% more capacity than competitors' 2200 mAh, 24.4 Wh batteries! The longevity rating is 1000 cycles and it comes with a 2 year warranty. Micro Center offers HP laptop battery replacement and installation services to ensure your laptop will be back up and running quickly ask the store for details. *Also compatible with 10.8V and 10.95V applications.

High quality cells from brands like Samsung, LG, Sanyo. Batteries built to last.High Capacity, does not degrade with time.

This battery uses battery cells from name brand manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sanyo – the same brands that your original laptop’s battery uses! We also guarantee that the capacity is the same or better as your original battery, other products on the market use lower capacity and lower quality cells to save on cost.

Overheat protection. Overload protection. Short circuit protection. Battery management chip by Texas Instruments.

Inland batteries all use a battery management chip made in the USA by Texas Instruments. This trusted chip offers all the best safety features. Competitors use cheap microchips from an unknown source that typically do no offer all the safety and longevity features.

Inland premium laptop batteries. 1000 or more charge cycles compated to the 500 or less cycles of competitors.

This battery LASTS! You can expect 1000+ charge cycles (a cycle is an instance of a battery being depleted and fully charged). Other aftermarket products, with their cheap components, will only offer 300-500 cycles.

Two year warranty. Buy with confidence.Inlands two year warranty is unmatched by competitors.

Inland’s TWO-YEAR WARRANTY is unmatched. Our products are of the highest quality and built to last, which is why we are able to offer what nobody else can.

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Inland Replacement Laptop Battery for HP MO06 699468-001 671731-001 672412-001 TPN-W106 HSTNN-LB3P HSTNN-LB3N HSTNN-YB3N HSTNN-UB3N TPN-W108 TPN-W109 671567-321

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