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SNK NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro, 20 Classic SNK Fighting Games Pre-installed, Hi Action Fight Stick / Console. Comes preloaded with 20 of SNK's best retro fighting games and Gamelinq Controller to allow interface with Sony Play Station and Nintendo Switch. HDMI connector cable included. Enjoy the quality of graphics and story telling that only SNK delivers. Use an HDMI cable to attach your Arcade Stick Pro to your TV to play in Console mode. You have the option to hook up NEOGEO mini game pads for multiplayer action. The arcade stick Pro also connects to your computer, a NEOGEO mini or an Android device The joystick is a SNK electrostatic style unit to really give you the precise movements. Button mapping is programmable so you can design to your preference.

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SNK Neogeo Arcade Stick Pro Controller Pack - HDMI and Gamelinq (PS3, PS4, Switch Connectivity) Included - Neo Geo Pocket

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